How to maintain and use the blender effectively

Today, blenders are no stranger to housewives from urban to rural areas, and foods made from high-nutrient blenders offer many benefits to the environment. family members in health as well as mineral balance in the body.

The blender consists of two main parts: a mortar and a base with a capacity of 1 to 2 liters for wet grinding and grinding.

The single-function blender only grinds and squeezes the fruit so it is very convenient for the user, easy to use in storage.

Multipurpose blenders, in addition to grinders and fruit juices, also have functions such as grinding, hard foods and the use in preliminary processing of food. So housewives need to know how to disassemble and use the multipurpose blender properly.

How to use blender?

– Firstly, you should be aware of the correct mixing of the blender parts if there is a problem with the grinder, so be aware of the two main blender parts for the blender, the blender to grind food, dry things, millstones that follow the blade

It is advisable to pre-determine the grinding of the grinding or dry grinding mills to choose the right grinding blade, avoiding the misuse of the blades.

– Need to clean the food and chopped, drained to avoid the case when the food is shot outside.

Determine the amount of food you need to grind. Do not put too many foods in the blender at the same time or put too much food in the grinder as this causes the blades to grind for a long grinding time, affecting the grinding speed. , the durability of the machine.

– In order to avoid fire, you should feed the food before grinding, then cover it and start grinding. Disconnect the power supply before removing the parts to wash, cleverly, gently avoid collision with pointed objects, sharpening of the blender.

– Do not grind over 20 minutes, this will affect the life of the blender.
How to clean and preserve the blender best?

– When cleaning the blender you should not use sharp objects to clean the blender as this will cause the outer layers of the machine to peel off. You should use a soft wet towel or sponge to clean the blender.

– Regularly check the quality of the machine parts such as the blade, the mill … find out the damaged details to be able to repair soon.

– Carry out the assembly of the machine in the correct manner as in the manual of the blender, avoid cases such as forgetting to unplug the power source, or grinding hands on the blades causing injury to the user. .

– After each grind you should clean the blender right away so that the food clings to cause moisture to the machine.

– Use liquid detergent for washing. Do not use strong detergents to clean the machine.

– Carefully dry and place the blender in a cool place, avoiding damp moldy bacteria sticking to the blender affect the health of your family.

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