Hot – Dachshund American Flag shirt


In the autumn of 1971, Aerosmith performed the first grand opening of Edga Winter and Humble Pie at the NY Music Awards. That was the first leap. Dachshund American Flag shirt.The second step was when the group was kicked out of the basement of Boston University and almost got fired from the 1325 house because of the delay in paying the rent. Then, coincidentally, the group had a new practice place at Fenway Theater. John O Nonoole, the theater manager, gave the group a free workout all day. Lately, in the middle of winter and without the heating system, it was too good.

John was impressed with the young band. He is a friend of Frank Connelly, a popular music promoter in Boston. One afternoon in 1972, John asked Connelly to watch Aerosmith practice. Connelly was the first in the music industry to realize the potential of Aerosmith. “Dad” Frank Connelly has wings for the band. He liked Aerosmith so much that he accepted to be the band manager. He promised to pay Aerosmith enough money so that they wouldn’t have to worry about financial problems, let them quit their jobs and concentrate entirely on music. He paid the emperor Aerosmith peace of mind about the performances, put effort to develop musical ability.

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