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Though he was first in line by the time Marvel Studios embarked on its now-famous mission to create a shared universe of heroes, Iron Man was actually in development for many years at more than one studio before he made his debut. In the 1990s, the character was optioned by Fox (which would go on to make films based on Marvel heroes The X-Men and The Fantastic Four), and by 2000 it had landed at New Line Pictures. Spider Man hug Iron man shirt There, it bounced around from writer to writer and the studio even had a director in mind (Nick Cassavetes, fresh off his success with The Notebook in 2004).

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On May 2, 2008, Marvel Studios propelled its debut highlight film with Iron Man, and in the process propelled one of the best film establishments ever. Today, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is more grounded than at any other time on account of the enormous film industry accomplishment of Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, and it gives no indications of backing off. Everything started, however, with a B-list hero different studios didn’t know would work, a center gathering made up of kids, a post-credits scene nobody saw coming, and an on-screen character on the bounce back who wound up turning into the greatest motion picture star on earth. In festivity of its tenth commemoration, here are 12 actualities about the creation of Iron Man.

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