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Best Asshole husband ever shirt, tank top, hoodie


Best Asshole husband ever shirt, tank top, hoodie

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I’d like to know why providers aren’t signing on. I’m a provider, have read the contract, & signed on. I love serving teachers & plan to continue providing services post January 2020, unless the plan causes undue hardship for my practice. This is just another move from the GOP to stick it to state employees. In addition to screwing with the healthcare to save money, they want to cut retirement and keep the pay scale with little or no increases after 15 years of service, etc., which leads to a teacher shortage and ultimately to their goal to privatize education. Many teachers I know or have known have left the profession within the first 5 years as there are no longer good enough incentives to stay. It’s so discouraging when I think about the future of our state’s education system.

Totally agree. Here’s the thing – I’ve been with the school system going on 14 years. Smack dab in the middle toward retirement. I have to question myself now and ask some hard questions. Is it worth it to stay? I feel betrayed, disrespected, and demoralized by the system. I work with special needs children and I LOVE my work. But why would I tough it out fourteen more years if THIS will be my future “healthcare for life benefit”?? Is it worth it? If they treat us this way now, it is bound to be worse fourteen years from now. So sad. We have a state full of teachers, therapists, nurses, transportation, counselors, etc who are passionate about their work and want our kids to succeed and prosper. We love many of “our kids” like we love our own children.















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