I have a very hot psychotic wife shirt, hoodie, tank top

I have a very hot psychotic wife shirt, hoodie, tank top


I have a very hot psychotic wife shirt, hoodie, tank top

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I have ADD, I still take medication as an adult. I firmly believe I am still on this planet because of it. If you want to talk to someone who has been through this, please PM me. I’m happy to talk about what it feels like Hugs and love to you!! An amazing mama, who wants nothing but the best for her special little boy, because he deserves the best!! Those who judge have never been a true, unconditional loving mama!!! When our son was diagnosed with ADHD and needed medicine, our pediatrician said medicine helps the child be the best version of themselves. I don’t know why, but that helped me when I was struggling with the thought of my sweet little boy needing a daily medicine.

Loves from a mom who has found the right medicine for her child. Doing this is hard, but hopefully you will see more positive steps for Amos. If not, you just have to keep on doing what you do- being that wonderful mom! It is the stigma we have to stop. Another comment was so right we treat for heart disease or if our child was a diabetic with no second thought but for ADHD or behavior impulse or anger control we struggle with! Why is that? Our brains need meds too! If it helps, it is right! I have seen students on meds who had the most beautiful penmanship and off meds chicken scratch. It is really unreal to see when it truly works and is the right med. The tricky part is having the patience to work through trials of what works and what does not.

















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