Peace Love Sweet Dreams shirt, hoodie, tank top

Peace Love Sweet Dreams shirt, hoodie, tank top


Peace Love Sweet Dreams shirt, hoodie, tank top

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It’s might be true that she was young and stupid, most of us have been there. At the same time, she is running for the wrong post for the very reason of her past. The winner of this pageant represents all girls in the country. Which clearly doesn’t look good for her. If she was applying to be a lawyer or a nurse, there was not gonna be any problem. I guess being authentic has double standards cos I see people post/share such jokes all the time.
Is it fair that she is being judged on things she said when she was 14 years old. Could it be that she has grown and become much more sophisticated since then? Okay so making fun of a black person makes her a racist? Black twitter make fun of whites all the time and no one calls it racism. I think if we’re gonna advocate for equality, we should get rid of our own prejudices and have the same standards for everyone.
Also how does one stop being a racist as it were, except by being educated and maturing. All im saying is perhaps she should be given a chance to show that people can mature and grow instead of being judged by something statements from her youth


















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