[HIGH] Baby Jack Skellington and baby Pennywise shirt


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He is also highly optimistic, as he is very certain everything will go perfectly…that is until he realizes how “Everything’s gone all wrong.” Baby Jack Skellington and baby Pennywise shirt Even when in despair after ruining Christmas, he is able to cheer himself up by realizing he didn’t mean to do what he did and that “nobody really understood” (whether he is referring to Halloween Town not understanding Christmas or humans not understanding his intentions is unclear, though he could mean both). He is also humble enough to admit that he has failed and is willing to hand back the reins to Santa Claus in order to rectify everything.

Baby Jack Skellington and baby Pennywise shirt

He was additionally careless in regards to Sally’s affections for him all through a large portion of the story, demonstrating that while among the more smart residents of Halloween Town, he is neglectful at understanding individuals’ emotions. This is sponsored up by the way that he scarcely even perceived Santa’s pain when they initially met. It appears that Jack may be marginally credulous now and again, as demonstrated that he confided in Lock, Shock, and Barrel enough that he accepted that they would essentially bring Santa Claus to him without raising a ruckus, in spite of them being in cahoots with Oogie Boogie, just as not understanding all the turmoil he was causing on Christmas Eve before it was past the point of no return.

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