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It’s unreal to be two match points down and come back. Champion 16 Novak Djokovic shirt It’s a bit strange to play a tie-break at 12-all as well. I was hoping to get to the tie-breaks as well. And Roger says he hopes he can inspire others to believe they can do it at 32. I’m one of them. When I was a boy and dreaming to be a tennis player this always has been the tournament for me. I used to make trophies out of different materials in my room and it’s extra special sharing it with my son in the crowd and my parents and my whole team. My wife and daughter are here in London but they are at home. I’ll see them soon. Back to being dad too, I guess.

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Wimbledon 2019 is finished. Simona Halep is the ladies’ singles champion. Novak Djokovic is the men’s singles champion. Roger Federer is Roger Federer. Furthermore, Andy Murray and Serena Williams played some blended duplicates! It’s been great fun. Much obliged for perusing and messaging over the past fortnight. Next quit: Flushing Meadows. Bye! On the off chance that this was not the most energizing last, at that point it was certainly the best a few. I was facing perhaps the best player ever, Roger, who I anticipate a great deal. Shockingly one player needs to lose and we both got our opportunities.

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