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But it was the band’s intense firepower on their debut Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. (1996) that turned most adolescents’ heads. Released on Halloween of 1996, the eight-song, fifty-minute CD demonstrated the budding group’s penchant for distorted sound, extreme guitars, and complex song structures. Slipknot shirt. The group’s sonic signature came together on Slipknot (1999) as they spiced their sound with edgy turntable scratches and Korn’s metallic burns. Slipknot’s musical palette nonetheless leaned heavily towards death metal.

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Extraordinary, boisterous, and instinctive, Slipknot burst onto the nu-metal scene with a hard-edged combination that utilized the vernacular of Staind, Incubus, Nickelback, and Limp Bizkit. However, past the wailing vocals, floor-thundering bass, and automatic weapon drums, the band’s head distinguishing mark was their irritating look, comprising of ghoulish covers, cosmetics, and nonexclusive overalls. Nobody utilized names in front of an audience—their outfits bore just the numbers one through nine. It was grotesque, however it had the ideal impact: little youngsters were excited, and guardians were properly stunned.

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