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Benefiting from the strength of their harmony vocals and balance of heartfelt ballads with propulsive dance anthems, their third album, 1999’s Millennium (home to their worldwide smash “I Want It That Way”), topped the charts and was certified multi-platinum across the globe, while follow-up Black & Blue extended their reign. Backstreet Boys shirt In the 2000s, they took steps away from the Max Martin hitmaking sound that shot them to stardom, maturing with their fan base via adult contemporary pop on the reinventive Never Gone (2005), Unbreakable (2007), and This Is Us (2009).

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Nearly two decades after their previous number one, the quintet issued 2019’s DNA, which returned them to the top of the charts. With the help of Louis J. Pearlman (who would later rise to mogul status on the strength of his teen pop acts), the Backstreet Boys secured management from Donna and Johnny Wright, the latter of whom had managed New Kids on the Block during the 1980s. The Backstreet Boys shirt Wrights put the group out on the road and enlisted several A&R reps to attend the performances, which eventually resulted in a contract with Jive Records in 1994.

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