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He was also ranked 8th on the Greatest Comic Book Character of All Time list, which was released by Empire (notably being the highest ranked villain character on the list), as well as being the fifth Greatest Comic Book Character Ever in Wizard Magazine’s 200 Greatest Comic Book Characters of all Time list, once again being the highest ranked villain on the list. Joker all version signature shirt I with a bizarre appearance modeled after the symbol of the Joker known from playing cards. It is of note that in his second appearance he was actually slated to be killed off, with the final page detailing the villain accidentally stabbing himself, lying dead as Batman and Robin run off into the night.

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The Joker is a supervillain and the chief rival of Batman. He was first presented in Batman #1 (Spring 1940) and has remained reliably prevalent. The Joker is an ace criminal with a comedian like appearance, and is viewed as one of the most scandalous offenders inside Gotham City. At first depicted as a rough sociopath who murders individuals for his own delight, the Joker later during the 1940s started to be composed as a ridiculous swindler criminal. In his underlying dozen or so appearances, beginning with Batman #1 (1940), the Joker was a direct binge executioner/mass killer

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