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He claims that making money would have been like “shooting ducks in a barrel. It’s just a slam dunk. It’s just like withdrawing a billion dollars and putting it into your personal bank accounts. There’s no challenge”.[15] Harry Potter chibi Friends tv show shirt In the “Rubbish Bin” section of her website, Rowling maintains that she had no role in choosing directors for the films, writing “Anyone who thinks I could (or would) have ‘veto-ed’ him [Spielberg] needs their Quick-Quotes Quill serviced.” After Spielberg left, conversations began with other directors, including Chris Columbus, Jonathan Demme, Terry Gilliam, Mike Newell, Alan Parker, Wolfgang Petersen, Rob Reiner, Tim Robbins, Brad Silberling, and Peter Weir.[17] Petersen and Reiner both pulled out of the running in March 2000.[18] It was then narrowed down to Columbus, Gilliam, Parker, and Silberling.[19] Rowling’s first choice was Terry Gilliam.

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Late in 1997, film maker David Heyman’s London workplaces got a duplicate of the principal book in what might turn into Rowling’s arrangement of seven Harry Potter books. The book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was consigned to a low-need bookshelf, where it was found by a secretary who read it and offered it to Heyman with a positive audit. Thus, Heyman, who had initially detested “the garbage title”, read the book himself. Exceptionally dazzled by Rowling’s work, he started the procedure that prompted one of the best artistic establishments of all time.[10] Heyman’s excitement prompted Rowling’s 1999 clearance of the film rights for the initial four Harry Potter books to Warner Bros. for an announced £1 million (US$2,000,000).

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