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In the first chapter of “The Mandalorian,” the bounty hunter at the center of the story is tasked with apprehending an important target with little information other than its age — 50 years old — and last known location. The final moments of the episode reveal the asset, who turns out to be … super cute. This is my lucky bingo shirt. The Internet has dubbed the adorable creature Baby Yoda because he or she bears a strong resemblance to the legendary Jedi master. As an ill-fated droid informs the Mandalorian, “species age differently,” and Baby Yoda is a young 50.

This is my lucky bingo shirt

Here’s everything you need to know about the mysterious new character, known in the Disney Plus series as “the Child.” Baby not-Yoda hasn’t quite mastered his (or her) skills yet, but we know that the Child is Force-sensitive. In Chapter 2, the Mandalorian battles a rhinoceros-esque beast who threatens to defeat him. Baby Yoda, watching nervously from his floating bassinet, raises his tiny hand, and the beast is stopped in its tracks. Baby Yoda eventually passes out, which reminds us of something Yoda said in “Return of the Jedi”: “Strong in the force am I … but not that strong.” Keep trying, bb.

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