Früher war ich normal jetzt habe ich Hühner shirt, hoodie, tank top

Früher war ich normal jetzt habe ich Hühner shirt, hoodie, tank top


Früher war ich normal jetzt habe ich Hühner hoodie

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I always believed our government had our best interests at heart. Just different priorities. But the good of the people, right? It has shocked me to my core and yes, pissed me off to discover that no, they don’t. Trump does, but he had so few real supporters, it is a miracle he gets anything done! And we need it desperately bad. So glad you have joined us, spread the word! A very similar story to mine except I woke up when Charlottesville happened. I watched Trump live that day. The media later that day were saying things that just weren’t true about what Trump said earlier that day. It was like a bomb going off in my head and the fog was lifted. Since then been doing a ton of research and found out we been lied to and brainwashed all our lives. Thank you for sharing and welcome to the movement. Welcome..glad to have you..I’ve always been republican ..but there’s been republicans that I was not a fan of He isn’t a politician ..The man is a billionaire and celebrities loved him when he wasn’t in politics ..he gave up so much ..because he truly cares about America ..he don’t get paid ..oh sorry a dollar.

I wish , hope, and pray more folks such as yourself would come out from under the liberal fog of deception given by the media. Welcome to our group. I left the Dems in the ’60’s when I saw their Communist pamphlets . We have to vote RED in November or we will lose our Republic. someone shared your #walkaway post from here on a conservative women’s page I’m on and I was like holy cow Julie and I need to be friends. Your walk away story is ME!!!! So glad we #walkaway when things weren’t adding up. Trump is definitely not the most eloquent of speakers. God knows sometimes I wish he’d stop tweeting so much and the name calling, but he’s proven that our government has done nothing for our country and they’re a bunch of corrupted career politicians. Welcome to the family.

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