Jesus is my Superhero That’s How I Saved The World shirt, hoodie, tank top

Jesus is my Superhero That’s How I Saved The World shirt, hoodie, tank top


Jesus is my Superhero That's How I Saved The World hoodie

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It’s really true that once people are willing to really look at what the democrat party has become, it is clear that we’ve been used and lied to by the democrats for years. I love that part where you said, “Americans are falling back in love with their country”!!! AND, it’s alright to do that— Patriotism is NOT a bad word anymore! I attribute that to our wonderful President who sings America’s praises everyday. During Obama’s “rein” he was not proud of America- everything was our fault-and he was going to be the great Savior that changed all that—WRONG!!! Such a horrible 8 years! Obama was the worst president in my lifetime. He was very divisive, turned our country back to the early 60’s and started the race war all over again. What a nightmare of a president he was. Welcome and spread the word. Sad that we now realize that America can turn into Beirut within a week based on a lie with the aid of the media. If we could get everyone to turn off the msm and stream actual White House video created daily of the many meetings, round tables and press conferences, they will see a down to earth man who LOVES this country and EVERYONE in it….with the exception of ILLEGALS…who democrats think should be given equal and often times more rights and benefits then actual AMERICAN CITIZENS…

It is so inspiring to read your story in the midst of everything “appearing” dark. You sharing your experience & process will hopefully open other ppl’s eyes of understanding and shed greater light in the midst of darkness! I had to watch him to become a fan he is not the normal. He has done some amazing thing despite the lack of support from the house. But I’ve always been kinda conservative. Used to be conservative democrat and when that party died 20 years ago I was a Republican. I woke up before the 2016 election, i can’t believe how blind i was. The Democrats made us feel like fools, and in my eyes, that’s the worse thing you can do to someone. I will never look back!

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